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Board’s Message

The ACA Group, as a result of its sustained growth since 1982, is today one of the most relevant Portuguese players in the construction sector, given the diversity and excellence of its vast portfolio of works.

Originating in the area of infrastructures (roads and bridges), the Group currently has a vast portfolio of public and private works in all areas, from construction, urban regeneration, roads, residential buildings, hotels, rehabilitation, geotechnics, river works, landscaping, sports infrastructures, water systems and waste management.

The result of dynamic and innovative management, the ACA Group reinvents itself on a daily basis to meet the new challenges it is faced with, both nationally and internationally.

We are a multinational group, operating in several markets and managing a portfolio of companies dedicated to the execution of construction and infrastructure works; service provision in the area of waste; industrial activities related to the construction sector and technical installations in the area of energy and renewables. With a strategic, sustainable vision and an eye on the future, we are a team that works daily to exceed our clients' expectations, making a commitment to each one of them and always aiming to offer the best solution


Strategic, sustainable and forward-looking vision



It was always our commitment and ambition that allowed us to achieve the established success we live in today.

Our will is to maintain this challenging attitude. It is to grow every day in experience, technical excellence and innovative solutions, to carry out projects that satisfy our customers and benefit society.


It is our vast experience and high skills that underpins our competitive advantage.

We believe that it all comes down to the right balance between professional skills and personal dedication.


We always act with a commitment to excellence and a focus on creating value for all our stakeholders.

This is our commitment, our strength and what sets us apart.


We build our reputation through truth. Honesty, integrity and transparency are the basis of our relationship with our stakeholders.

Throughout our history, we have constantly reinvented and adapted to changes, always with the ambition of wanting to do more and better.

Our history


With the globalisation of markets and the widening of competition, the ability to present proof of recognition, by third parties of compliance with specific requirements - be they of quality, environment, safety or social responsibility - takes on an increasingly preponderant role.

Aware of this reality, the ACA Group, by implementing an Integrated Management System in accordance with the standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 and NPEN ISO 45001, demonstrates its ability to provide, continuously and consistently, a product and/or service that meets the needs of its customers, and its certification allows it to demonstrate, with credibility before third parties, that the organization has management systems in accordance with the requirements of these reference standards.


Integrated management policy

To provide the best response to market demands. To guarantee the best offer at the best price.

To preserve the environment through sustainable management of its activity.

To produce well, without wasting time or effort. To be effective in reaching objectives and efficient in developing processes.

Enable employees to carry out their tasks safely, minimising the interference of their work with the environment.

Prevent difficulties, incidents, injuries, professional illnesses and environmental pollution through the promotion and surveillance of health, the permanent evaluation of risks and environmental impacts.

Achieve a good product in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and customer demands.

Reduce errors, waste and costs.

To become individually involved in a collective objective: continuous improvement.

To ensure the permanent updating of knowledge and resources, with a view to individual and organisational development, carrying out our activities in a socially responsible manner and within the framework of the principles of sustainable development.

Integrated management policies - companies


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  • Commercial Spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial
  • Non-Residential
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Roads & Infrastructures

  • Sporting
  • Railways
  • Geotechnics & Special Foundations
  • Ports & Maritime Requalification
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  • ETA (Water Treatment Plant) & Reservoirs
  • ETAR (Wastewater Treatment Plant)
  • Electrical installations
  • Mechanical installations
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Industrial Centres

  • Concrete Plant
  • Centre for Bituminous Mixtures
  • Quarries & Aggregates Production
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